Patriot at the River Launch Team

Interested in helping with the book launch? Read on for details, then apply to join the launch team at the bottom of the page.

Patriot at the River

About the Book

Patriot at the River: A Novel of the American Revolution

For Liberty & Conscience #2: The Truth Will Make You Free.


It’s 1780, and North Carolina is a battleground. Backcountry scout Benjamin Woodbridge is guarding a Patriot camp when he sees the king’s men pursuing a civilian. Never one to stand by while someone is in trouble, Benjamin steps in to help the stranger and finds an unexpected ally.

But the same British officer who targeted the stranger is also targeting Benjamin’s settlement. After Benjamin is wounded on a lonely mountain trail, he watches Sunrising fall to the man who crushed his father’s cause nine years earlier. Benjamin’s fight has come home to the very people he wanted to protect—his shy younger sister and the woman who has given them both a home.

Now, with the help of some unlikely comrades and the indomitable Aunt Kate, Benjamin must fight for what he loves before Sunrising goes up in flames. But only if he can fight himself first.

For fans of Christian historical fiction and tales of bravery and redemption, Patriot at the River is a must-read filled with engaging characters and biblical truth.

What is a launch team?

A launch team is a small, select group of people who are committed to helping a new book succeed. They invest their time and resources to work together, share ideas, and make a book they’re passionate about soar into orbit.

This might mean buying copies and posting reviews of the book, talking about the book with their friends, sharing graphics on social media, hanging posters at their library, or wearing a sandwich board at the mall. (Just kidding . . . maybe. Launch teams can come up with some pretty creative ideas!)

By design, a good launch team can’t include everyone. But for those it does include, a launch team is an exciting way to support an author or book you care about! If you’re enthusiastic about the relatable characters and strong faith themes found in Patriot at the River, keep reading.

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What should you expect?

This launch team might be a little different from other launch teams you’ve been part of. The goal of this launch is to make Patriot at the River a raving success on its primary online retailer—Amazon. Because of that, we’ll have to work together to play by Amazon’s rules so reviews and sales are effective.

Here are a few things you should know up front:

1. Space on the team is limited, so not every application will be accepted.

2. If your application is accepted, you’ll be asked to buy a copy of Patriot at the River on Amazon when it releases and post a review and rating. This is one task all team members will be asked to complete, because it’s the primary way a new book can stand out in Amazon’s crowded market. Amazon gives greater weight to reviews that are from the book’s verified purchasers. (You’ll still get access to an early copy so you can make sure you’re comfortable promoting this story.)

3. You’ll need to keep communication open, mostly via email. Facebook and Amazon share data that can lead to reviews being deleted, so this launch team will stay in touch in other ways instead of using a Facebook group. You’ll also need to be open to helping in ways other than purchasing and reviewing—if you’re on social media, post on your favorite platform. If you haunt your local library, make a poster. If you’re part of a homeschool group, share the book there. There will be something for everyone, so get ready to be creative!

4. The scheduled launch date for Patriot at the River is September 25. During the month prior to launch, we’ll brainstorm ideas, prep tasks, and get ready to spread the word. During the month after launch day, we’ll post reviews, share graphics, and generally take the book world by storm. I’ll keep my demands on your schedule to a minimum, but be prepared to invest some time during the launch window. Specifically, make sure you’ll at least have time to read the book and keep up with any sharing you’ve offered to do.

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Why join the team?

Are you passionate about good Christian books? Excited about strong faith themes and characters you can root for? Looking for stories that will strengthen your faith while entertaining your mind?

If so, joining the launch team for Patriot at the River will let you share that passion and make a difference in the world of reading. You’ll brainstorm with other readers and support stories you believe in, and you’ll get special “backstage access” to work with me and fellow book lovers to spread the word and celebrate each win, no matter how small. 

This is a great way to tell the world what kind of books you want more of, and to be a part of that kind of book. A part of its success . . . and a literal part of the book, because your name will be included in the finished edition as thanks for your hard work and sacrifice.

(Plus you’ll have access to other fun stuff along the way. But that’s a team secret. Shh.)

Ready for an adventure?

Let’s do this!

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