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Stay up to date on Jayna Baas’s works in progress and find out what faith-filled adventures and new favorite characters are headed your way—and how long it will be until they get there.

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  • Drafting & Rewriting: 100% 100%
  • Beta Reading: 10% 10%

Latest update: June 2024

Drafting and rewriting finished! Entering the beta reading stage.


Jayna Baas’s works in progress:

Patriot at the River: A Novel of the American Revolution

For Liberty & Conscience #2

Preacher on the Run was the first book in the For Liberty & Conscience trilogy, followed by Promise of Refuge, a prequel short story. The second book, Patriot at the River, is currently in the works. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

North Carolina Blue Ridge, 1780–1781. Nine years after Preacher on the Run. The British army is campaigning through the Carolinas, and tensions are running high in the Southern backcountry.

Benjamin Woodbridge, a patriot militiaman who’s been looking for a fight ever since his father died, joins forces—and occasionally butts heads—with a full cast of engaging supporting characters: his shy younger sister, who’s learning to be brave; an English gentleman on the run from his own brush with tyranny; a Loyalist officer looking for a new start; and returning favorites like Alec Perry, Kate McGuiness, and Robert and Mitchell Boothe. Malcolm Harrod of Preacher on the Run returns as the starring villain.

Sunrising is in grave danger from within and without. With the Cherokee on the west and the British on the east, our heroes have their work cut out for them.

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